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Your Guide to the Various Types of Hair Extensions

So you cannot tell the difference between pre-bonded hair extensions and micro-loop? You can be excused for not knowing the answer as there are many different types of hair extensions out in the market. If you are a novice in the world of hair extension, keep on reading to educate yourself on the different types of hair extensions at your disposal.

First off, you need to know the two types of hair that the extensions are made of – human and synthetic hair. The synthetic hair extensions are typically covered with silicone for that “natural” silkiness that fades over time. Hair extensions of this type are also immune to coloring or styling with heat. Because of the lack in quality and of things you can do with them, synthetic hair extensions cost lower than human hair extensions. Moreover, the life span of synthetic hair extensions is only one to three months which is not ideal if you intend to use them every day.

On the other hand, human hair extensions and human hair are basically one and the same. Whatever you can do with your own locks, you can also do it with your human hair extensions. What is exclusive to this type of hair extension is the way the hair cuticles face the same direction which allows it to blend naturally with your own hair. Expect to pay more, however, for human hair extensions which can be offset by its longer life span lasting from six months to one year.
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Let’s continue with the various types of hair extensions.
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First, there is the pre-bonded hair extension. These are arguably the most popular type of hair extension because of its discreteness. The downside is that it can also be the most damaging based on its application. As the term itself implies, pre-bonded hair extensions are fused to natural hair with the use of adhesives such as glue and keratin. The process will necessitate a four or more hour- stay in the hair salon chair as the pre-bonded hair extensions are applied to ensure they last for six months or until a professional takes them out for you. The procedure can be quite messy and the penchant of many salons to use polymers or glue adhesives can ruin natural hair.

Then there is the micro-loop or micro-link hair extensions. The extensions are looped through your natural hair and clamped down with a pair of pliers before it is finished with a metal bead. The extensions can rise up or slide down the hair shaft which is not a concern for those who do not mind but is very annoying for those who do mind. One negative aspect of this hair extension is the use of heat in the application of the metal beads which can result in hair damage.

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