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Benefits of employee screening and testing The importance of employee screening and testing cut across all sectors and businesses. It does not matter whether your business is big, medium or small. Lack of proper screening and testing measure can lead to acquiring services of an employee who can cause work disruption and potentially injure other workmates. In such cases, the company lands into significant problems, and a legal suit looms. Ultimately, there can be a price towards the corporation and even loss of life. This is the reason why strict measures should be in place to monitor the behavior of workers. Many companies have ignored this requirement for a long time. However, some companies are slowly embracing the need for employee screening and testing. We can now go through some reasons for screening and drug testing. The significance of drug testing – There are various reasons for incorporating drug testing in the program for your employee screening. Substance abuse at work can have an enormous impact on the productivity and safety of different personnel. People who have a drug problem are likely to be miss duties, unreliable in their positions and more susceptible to theft and other offenses. Plus, substance abusers frequently have poor attitudes thus is could be very challenging to deal with them. Another reason why drug testing is essential is that workers who indulge in substance abuse can easily make errors at work. Errors can cause severe loss of property, and the company can spend a lot of money in settling compensation claims. Making drug tests part of employee assessment – Be mindful of state laws with regards to drug testing. Every state has different regulations on drug testing. Be keen not to confuse choosing the state you reside. Come up with a workable policy on drug addiction for your company. The policy should clearly spell out the timelines for conducting the drug tests. Make sure you seek the consent of everyone who participates in screening and testing. Both the drug testing strategy and consent form should outline the steps in carrying out the tests. Test results must be very confidential so that no other person has power.
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Employee screening for general safety – Performing drug tests in employee screening program safeguards your staff and the whole company. Through selective recruitment of workers who are clean of substance abuse, you make your workplace a safe place, and there is also minimal errors which can translate to severe injuries. Additionally, you will avoid the court battles which are very expensive.
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Despite the numerous benefits of screening and testing of employees, some other companies continue to expose their business to such dangerous employees. It costs quite a small amount of money to do a proper screening and testing. However, the expenses of dealing with problems caused by workers who abuse drugs are very high. Do not be exposed to injuries and so have measures to avert any possible dangers.

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