What I Can Teach You About Collectibles

The Priciest Collectible Items in the World

Below is a listing of 5 Uncool Collectibles Rich. There’s a chance a family member or you might be sitting on a goldmine. Perhaps not from your postage collecting activities, but there’s a chance you could find a stamp worth over a million dollars. From this tiny book of stamps that is sitting in a dusty basement, and has been passed through the generations.

You may if you are looking to get rich from collectibles want to take a look at this article on the most expensive collectible items on the planet.


A coin collection’s value will depend on their rarity and condition. An 1894 S-Barber dime this sells for your $ 1 million mark, though it’s been known to reach more than $ 2 million if you should find, or have been lying about your house.

If You Would like to start a coin collection Twist, then MilitaryCoinsUSA is a intriguing resource to checkout, whilst Heritage Auctions provides a price guide on their own website to work out a rough estimation of what the coins are worth.


Unlikely to help with your street cred, or place you As a specially cool dude, stamp collecting is so popular there’s a National Stamp Collecting Month. More importantly, stamps are a collection that has slowly gained recognition.

If you have a rare notice, such as the “Inverted Jenny” stamp, Of which only 100 exist, you may be in for a windfall of in excess of $1 million. It will sell for a lot more cash than an individual postage if your collection is organized and complete. LearnAboutStamps is a fantastic resource for stamp collectors.


Again, not the coolest of collectibles, however you Might be sitting on a goldmine if you happen to have a stash of dolls and action figures, especially if they’re unopened. Unlike stamps and coins, you’re not likely to sell 1 toy for $1 million, though selling a few if as a pair could get you close to that figure.

A Fantastic example, is the 1963 GI Joe that recently sold for $200,000. A fast look on eBay will show you. There Appears to Be a particular fascination with in Vintage Cabbage Patch Kids along with Vintage Barbies.


But if you’re a die hard Star Wars enthusiast, The idea this could produce the list of “boring collectibles” would be beyond your comprehension — but believe it or not, a few people, would contemplate Star Wars collectibles in precisely the same bracket of coolness as stamp collecting.

Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon. If your Star Wars collection is comprised of things from the first trilogy, you’re most likely to be sitting on a goldmine. To give you a good idea, one man’s set is sold for just more than half a million bucks.


Owning a few of the “right things” on your old toy chest could be worth a good amount of money. This may not be referring to thousands but, for instance, if you’re into Lego Trains that the 1985 High-Speed City Express Passenger Train can bring around $3,000.

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