Why Jewelry Aren’t As Bad As You Think

The Story behind Italian Designer Jewelry In Italy the jewel design history can be described as diverse, rich and passion filled. In the modern jewelry crafting, they still consider the ancient traditions in the jewelry crafting. Many religions have adopted the culture of body adornment and they faithfully follow up until recent days. Class, social status or for ceremonial purposes are some of the important reasons for body adornment. The Italian jewelry design has unique differences as they are linked to the role played by Rome in the world history. The influence of the Roman Empire power far and wide in the world is as a result of its widespread campaigns. The range of influences that resulted affected the Italian artistic design of jewelry. In the ancient works of the classical Italian designers, Egyptian, Greek and Asian culture can be seen in their designs. The designs of the jewelry were highly impacted by the mix up of these cultures, the discoveries of jewelry made in Southern Italy made in the ancient Etruscan period supports this fact. The techniques employed in making modern Italian jewelry are borrowed from early Italian jewelry designers from the 9th to 4th centuries B.C who developed almost perfect gold jewelry designs. The ancient jewelry designs are highly valued and this can be attested by Pio Fortuna’s life who was early Italian jewelry designer. He revived the technique for crafting gold jewelry. Castellani and other early jewel crafters contributed to the Italian jewelry design. The beauty of this craft was infused with more passion. It has even become an obsessions in certain areas of the country. Compared to other designs in the world it is the most unique and this fact supports it.
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In designing the Italian jewelry crafts gold is the most used metal. Compared to other metals gold is a highly favored metal and this is the reason why they are mostly used in jewelry. The color of gold and its affinity to the sun makes it highly revered. People praised the attractiveness of gold in the past. Since the ancient days, gold Italian designer jewelry is still highly sought after and the Italian sterling silver jewelry value and worth cannot be discounted. Due to the fact that there are Italian jewelry designers who have chosen to specialize specifically craft Italian sterling silver jewelry, they are now very exquisite. According to their designs and makes each body part has a wearable ornament. Italian jewelry are made with high standards that encompass originality, quality and diversity due to the fact that they are highly demanded. Italian jewelry today still speaks volume in the jewelry market. Italian designs are seen to be classy. Lessons Learned from Years with Sales

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